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Aunts & Uncles is a family business based in the Lower Rhine Region that discovered a passion for leather bags. We enthusiastically develop and c‍reate new designs, improve the old and combine tradition with the aim to make you happy.

We c‍reate with heart. From the small bracelet up to the large suitcase, each of our products is handmade and unique. Each product has its own distinctive name, the different bags families cross-generationally offer a companion for life.

With use they gain their individual character and tell stories of everyday life, of friends, journeys and their quirky kinfolk. When you choose an aunts&uncles style, you become part of the family.


Practicality and functionality are equally important as a touch of originality – rough edges which make the product to an old friend. Our motto “styled with care” covers more than just the affectionate design and the love to details. It includes also our production conditions.

Since a humane working atmosphere, social competence and fair payment are our fundamental concerns, we only work with carefully selected manufactures in India and Italy, that are capable of meeting our high standards.

Thanks to a long term partnership and a personal closeness to our production facilities in India and Italy and a monitoring and certificating by world’s leading companies international standards for quality, health, safety, protection of the environment and social responsibility are guaranteed.

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