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40 years ago as an manufacturer for different global brands, manufacturer Ta Shin Precision decided to start selling under their own brand under the name TWSBI.

TWSBI’s name stands for the phrase “Hall of Three Cultures” or “San Wen Tong” in Chinese. The character “Wen” translates into language and culture. The phrase “San Wen Tong” also brings to mind the Hall of the Three Rare Treasures created by Emperor Qianlong as a memorial to three great masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy. The initials of the phrase “San Wen Tong” was reversed and thus turned into “TWS”. The last letters “Bi” was added with its literal meaning of “writing instruments”. Thus combining the two segments, creating TWSBI.

To inspire and recapture the romanticism of art and literature…starting with unique, smooth and functional the pens.

Dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality and precision writing instruments, simultaneously, tailoring them to customer wants and needs.