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Kaweco started production on its writing instruments in 1883 in Heidleberg Germany  although the name Kaweco is not listed until 1889. In 1911 the Kaweco catalogue mentions subsidiaries in Berlin, Paris, Zurich and Vienna as well as agencies in many countries all over the world. A pocket fountain pen for ladies, officers and sportsmen is mentioned for the first time. It is the year of birth of the Kaweco Sport. In 1994 the H & M Gutberlet gmbh acquires the „KAWECO“ name and re-launches a new Sport series based on the Kaweco Sport design from 1935. These nifty pocket writing instruments are available as fountain pens, rollerballs, ball pens, push pencils and clutch pencils. Diplomat becomes their exclusive sales partner. This business relationship is maintained until 1999, when Diplomat is sold. Today Kaweco is sold in many countries across the world, retaining its rich history and quality.

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