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Midori paper products are simple, Japanese made products that are designed for writing. “MD Paper” is an original quality writing paper for diaries developed in 1960’s. The “MD Notebook” was launched in January 2008 to fully capture the quality and appeal for this paper.

Paper with the desired texture is born from various kinds of pulp.

Our plant has a site area nearly three times that of the Tokyo Dome sports stadium. Occupying one section of the plant is a large warehouse that stores the pulp sheets that are the raw material of paper. The raw material of the pulp itself is wood, and the finished paper’s texture and hardness will differ depending on the type of wood used.

The pulp used in MD Paper is made from broad-leaved trees. Compared to conifers that result in hard, inflexible paper, broad-leaved trees provide for a finish with a smooth texture.

The items we offer our customers are only those that have passed the most rigorous inspection. Only paper that has passed all these inspections is given the name MD Paper and delivered to our customers as an MD Paper product.