Most of us simply love to eat chocolate, but very few of us can consider ourselves chocolate connoisseurs. For the ones who appreciate fine chocolate as much as a wine lover enjoys fine and vintage wines, chocoMe is a name that is synonymous with quality, variety, and perfection.

GÃbor MÃszÃros, a chocolatier from Hungary, started chocome in 2010. MÃszÃros attended the Chocolate academy of the Belgian Callebaut Company under the tutelage of chocolate guru Philippe Vancayseele. His goal was to develop unique, custom-made chocolate, exactly as he liked it. ChocoMe now features 60 million+ variations using 80 toppings all imported from either Germany, France, and Italy. Each bar is uniquely designed and customized, prepared, and hand-packaged with custom designed packaging by renowned designer Gyula Ebedli.


The result: incredibly unique and exclusive chocolates that are delicious, exotic, and breath-taking. ChocoMe chocolates is now available exclusively at CHARALS in Vancouver at 171 Robson Street. Come in today and discover truly fine chocolate by chocoMe.